Hey, I'm Aleta (some call me Le).

I am a Southern girl, creator at heart and I love making magic happen with images. I spend hours each day just practicing my craft because I genuinely enjoy it so much.

From the time I can remember, I've always had a camera in my hand.

I love preserving memories and sharing them with loved ones.

I'm up for almost any challenge that involves getting the creative juices flowing.

I started as a natural light photographer; however I now have an Indoor space to create AMAZING studio images.

I consider myself an Artistic Photographer because I love manipulating the space around me with props/lighting etc. and I edit every image with my signature style. I typically also add a few additional "StylishLe Touched" images with my flair and distinct touch (creative backdrops, confetti bursts, colored smoke etc.) if desired.

What Gear Do I Use?

I'm a Canon girl although my very first professional camera was a Nikon film camera that I learned how to develop my own 35mm film in a dark room.

A few years ago, I upgraded to a mirrorless Full Frame Canon DSLR camera which is top of the line to capture the BEST detail and exposure with premium lenses for the best depth of field. (My favorite is my 50mm lens although a 70-200mm is bomb when there's a large open space :o).

I also have studio lighting equipment and seamless paper when needed.

What do my Clients say about working with me?


I genuinely aim for the best experience for every client.
I ask for candid feedback after every session and I'm always open for suggestions on any improvements throughout our time together.
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